I am an Englishwoman who has lived in America since my early twenties. After five years in Berkeley, California I settled in Maryland where I raised my family and worked as a librarian and library manager. For five years I submitted my Dispatches about life in America to The Dabbler. The Dabbler went on hiatus in 2015 but the Dispatches live on. On this independent site I expand the scope of my posts beyond the New World to memories of the Old World, the World of Books, and more. I promise this will be a cat video-free zone, but it is possible that a hedgehog may pop up occasionally. I invite readers who followed me on The Dabbler to join me here.

Rita Byrne Tull
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6 thoughts on “About

  1. I found this framed brass Rubbing of Sir John & Lady Joan de la Pole. The framing is perfect for this brass rubbing portrait. I’d assume it is a rare find, a collectable and worth a good price. Do you have any idea of it’s worth or how I can check on it’s authenticity? I’m leaving on a 28 day cruise March 17th, so if it’s possible, just answer when you have time , Thanks. I have it listed on eBay. Otherwise, I don’t know how to send the picture to you.


    1. Sorry, but I’m no expert on the value of brass rubbings. I looked at your eBay post and it seems other brass rubbings are similarly priced. I think it is a case of how much a buyer is willing to pay. I’ve never bought any; I just have the ones I did myself.


  2. Chanced upon your writing, when looking for anything about Slant, the journal. Recalled it from my time at Imperial, and the LSE. Happy days, when God and Christianity had me.


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