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The Impeachment of Hillary Clinton

Perhaps the most shocking thing, out of all the shocks that have battered us since the inauguration of President Trump, is the complete lack of responsible reaction from Congressional Republicans. Beyond a few bleats of “troubling” and “concerning” there is … Continue reading

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Gambling on Trump

The boardwalk was deserted on this bright spring day, a solitary security guard with nothing to do staring out to sea. Behind her an enormous empty building loomed. We were in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where my husband was attending … Continue reading

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A Women’s History Sampler

This sampler is dedicated to Senator Elizabeth Warren With thanks to Senator Mitch McConnell for inadvertently summarizing the History of Women in just eleven words Created without traditional needle and thread in Photoshop Elements

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Trump Hall

Literary and historical analogies to the new administration in Washington have been flying as fast and indiscriminately as the hastily scribbled Executive Orders fly from the Oval Office desk. 1984, Brave New World, The Plot Against America, the Soviet Union, … Continue reading

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My Happy New Year greetings have been somewhat muted this year. It’s hard to envisage future happiness when the entire fabric of the space/time continuum is about to unravel. And that’s just the winter weather forecast. What is happening in … Continue reading

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A Very Amerrygun Christmas

To celebrate Christmas Eve in a suitably American manner I reprise my rewrite of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” first published by The Dabbler last year. I made a few changes in acknowledgement of our dire present circumstances.

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Alternate History

Can history make a mistake? Can it veer off track from what was meant to be? That is what it felt like late on the night of November 8th 2016. The inevitable future foretold by prognosticators of every persuasion, the … Continue reading

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