Return of the Moon

A sequel to Farewell My Lovely Moon

My New Moon

Santa came early to our house this year. He didn’t enter stealthily down the chimney. He announced his arrival with a ring of the doorbell. He had a white beard and wore a jolly smile, but not a red suit. He handed me the most unusual Christmas gift I’ve ever received – the moon. Or at least a moon.

After I published my sad story about the missing moon I learned that Brian and Caryl, artists who live on my street, had acquired some of the dismantled lamp globes. They repurposed them into beautiful hanging lanterns of many colors.

Last weekend my two youngest grandsons came to stay and after dark we took a driving tour through the neighborhood to admire all the Christmas lights. Our neighborhood boasts a wonderful variety of displays, from the garishly over the top to elegant minimalism. I mentioned that there is an award for best light display so the boys decided to give their own awards. They announced best side street, most kid-friendly, and weirdest. We ended the tour on my street and saw Brian and Caryl’s lovely lantern tree. The boys voted it most original and most beautiful. Not wanting to hurt my feelings they gave me an award. My modest little porch trees received “the best least decorated” award.

The Lantern Tree

It was just a few days later that Santa appeared on my doorstep and gave me the moon. We hung it on the cherry tree in the back garden hoping to block out the glare of the new lamppost. But we couldn’t reach a high enough branch. It will involve climbing the tree so we’ll wait until the very tall teenage grandsons come over. I had to use photoshop to cut the glare in the photo above to show the new moon at its best.

Something beautiful and magical has been restored to my garden and I thank my neighbors for the unexpected gift.

Now I look out the window and think – Can it be? The Red Planet?

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